Miley Postpones More Shows

The hit star and singer has been postponing shows left and right recently. Miley Cyrus suffered a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics that landed her in the hospital.

While she recovers she is reassuring fans that she will be back, but now both her stops in Nashville and Louisville are postponed.

Image via Instagram/Miley Cyrus

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Orange is the New Black Trailer Released

The very popular Netflix original has taken over the Internet with its new trailer for season 2. Everything that fans loved about the first season seems to be amplified in the upcoming season.

The successful show is set to premier on June 6th with the entire season available immediately to Netflix users.

Image via Greg Hernandez from California, CA, USA (IMG_0110), via Wikimedia Commons

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Kris Jenner In The Hospital – Find Out Why!

Kris Jenner has been hospitalized for precautionary reasons earlier this week.  Sources say the Mom-a-ger went to the hospital for internal pains but has decided to keep this matter pricate.  The 58-year-old mom to the Kardashian and Jenner clan always takes good care of herself so it is a mystery as to why she ended up in the hospital.

Image via Instagram/ KrisJenner

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Kanye West Serenades Kim In New Music Video


Kanye West serenades Kim Kardashian in his new music video, I Won.  The rapper mentions his fiance and baby-momma in his lyrics that are extremely romantic.  Sources say he may rap this song to her at their wedding.

Image via Instagram/ KimKardashian

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Mrs. Doubtfire #2 With Robin Williams

Robin Williams will be returning to the big screen for a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel.  The sequel is said to hit theatres in the years to come after nearly 20 years.  Robin Williams will play Mrs. Doubtfire but Mara Wilson and Lisa Jakub will not return to the flick.

Image via cloudstrife_strife – Flickr

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NY Knicks Sign Lamar Odom

The former LA Lakers player, Lamar Odom recently signed a contract with the NY Knicks.  Details have yet to be released, but Odom will be reuinted with former LA Lakers coach, Phil Jackson and formed Laker teammates.

Image via JM – Flickr

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Music Royals Jay Z & Beyonce Go On Tour This Summer

Jay Z and Beyonce collaborated on several songs on Queen B’s new music/video album that broke records on iTunes earlier this year.  This summer the unstoppable duo will hit the tour bus and bring their music across the U.S.  With Blue Ivy by their side, this will sure be a family affair.

Image via Instagram/ beyonce

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Is It a Boy or Girl For Mila & Ashton?!

Mile Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have had quite and exciting year already, and it only began! They got engaged, Mila guest starred on Ashton’s sitcom and they are expecting their first baby.  The couple revealed the gender earlier this week… It’s a girl! They both couldn’t be happier.

Image provided by Gullpress WNA – Flickr

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What Hot Celebs Went Skinny Dipping In The Bahamas?! – FInd Out!

Cameron Diaz, LEslie Mann and Kate Upton all admitted to going skinny dipping in the Bahamas recently during an interview promoting their new flick, The Other Woman. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann opened up about their activities while filming and said they loved to go skinny dipping at night while filming some of the scenes in the Bahamas.

Image provided by Ma_Co2013 – Flickr

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Michael Strahan's Host Good Morning America For The First TIme

NFL superstae and Superbowl champion, Michael Strahan debuted his hosting career on Good Morning America earlier this week. He walked into the show with Pharrell Williams song, Happy as the crowd went wild and so did his co-hosts! Robin Roberts had nothing but great things to say about Strahan as they begin their exciting journey together.

Image provided by Kristen Martin – Flickr

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